Friday, January 1, 2010

The Phoenix Down Plaque

In case of emergency, break glass.

For a gamer, Christmas does not change from youth to adulthood.  Each wrapped package holds a potential game -- like Schroedinger's cat, it both is and is not until opened. 

This season, one of the gifts in my home was a glass ornament containing a single feather.  "How pretty!" the masses exclaimed as they saw it on the tree, but in the deep recesses of my heart I knew better.  This would not be relegated to the attic when the tree came down.  This gift was to be co-opted. 

A single feather protected in glass?  This could only be Phoenix Down, the ubiquitous Final Fantasy item which revives the dead.  A quick stop at Michael's and a bit of time at the workbench and we've got ourselves some new decoration.


  1. Oooh Phoenix down.
    (haha, way to remind me I haven't played any manner of RPG in ages XD)

  2. Time to get back in the swing! Perhaps break in slowly with something casual -- a flash game on Kongregate maybe. We'll have you 99ing your white mage in no time!