Sunday, March 27, 2005

I've lost him.

Easter is day about sons and fathers, death and rebirth, sin and redemption. What better to discuss than Anakin Skywalker?

I am still fairly regular player of X-Wing Alliance. Nothing has ever come close. Now and then I crawl the nets looking for new mods, ships and whatnot from the geek community. Several months ago I went looking to see if anyone had developed an OPT for Anakin's Jedi starfighter from the Clone Wars cartoons, or at least a Jedi starfighter that I could re-skin. No go. Yesterday I gave it another look, and discovered that a site had popped up and disappeared in the space between my searches, and that this site had devved just what I was looking for. Dagnabit. So, if anyone has the MTD Industries Anakin OPT, let me know.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


I've started a new blog for my GT4 pics.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Before picking up GT4, I asked Her Worshipfulness a rhetorical question: Just who do they think is going to take pictures of their digital cars and share them with people? Her reply: "People like you, Alex. People just like you."

Sunday, March 6, 2005

Speed kills.

Now, you might wonder just where the hell I've been. While my various adventures are not necessarily suited to be etched in the html of webshite, I can tell you that I've been playing Gran Turismo 4 as if I were an automaton programmed to drive and drive alone. If you are even vaguely considering getting it, get your sorry ass out there and get it right now.

Just the other day I found something new. Something awesome. OK, so I got the IB license, opening up more races. In the rally races, the Normal Tsukuba circuit is a single 3-lap race. The prize car is valued at about 100 large. and you can run the race over and over, thus getting the aforementioned prize car over and over. And selling it over and over. Not a bad take of 3.19.109 minutes of race time.