Saturday, January 16, 2010

How to Post Your Playstation Trophies on Facebook

By now, I'm sure you've noticed many of your friends posting their PS3 trophies on Facebook.  Want to join in the gloating?  Easy peasy:

Turn on your PS3.
Select the Playstation Network menu.
Select Account Management.
Select the aptly-named Facebook icon.

From here you can choose to Share Trophy Information, Share Purchase Information, and Share Event Information.  Click one, say Yes, and enter your FB info at the prompt.  And whoomp, there it is.  Next time you sync up the PS3, your latest awesomeness will be posted to The Book of Faces.

This video from the firmware v3.10 preview will walk you through it as well.

That's the program -- now get with it.


  1. How to make Facebook post all of your previously awarded trophies after you activate this??

    Contact me by my PS Gamertag: Zie016


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  4. I got a error when I tryed to sign in to facebook tryin to,put my trouph on there an it wont let me do it the error code is (80710A06) message me on gmail at or message me on ps3 id is slader2020

  5. Good share it is...Thanks for giving this information..