Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Avid B A Starters will remember the Final Reality post, in which we discussed using experience points to track one's progress in real-life goals. Here's the idea in webcomic form:

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  1. Yay for xkcd! It's the only web comic I still keep up with. I just commented to Karis this morning that I've not read Bob the Angry Flower or Diesel Sweeties since I moved out here. Such is the sacrifice of only having net access at work and not having time to waste there. (This is not a waste!)

    Yay for Joust! I'd not seen that banner before... but 2600 Joust?! Chad and I played that all the time, as it was one of the few Atari games where you could actively attack your opponent. (mmm... Combat) The real joy, was when we borrowed a cousin's 5200. More than one color per sprite! Amazing! It actually looks like the original arcade game!