Thursday, May 17, 2007

Playoff Living, Installment the Fourth

First #4: 2nd Intermission Geekiness

Greg and I attended that game against the Leafs where the local boys came back like fifty goals in the last seven picoseconds of play. T'was awesome.

In between the second and third periods, we opted to risk ejection for wanton nerdosity and catch a little DS. One of the young bucks sitting next to us craned his neck over, presumably to drunkenly taunt us. "So, you two are connected wirelessly, right?" he asked.

The tradition has stuck, in a fashion reminiscent of that Gradius game that would play on the Jumbotron at the second intermission in Blades Of Steel.


  1. Blades of Steel seems to be a recurring theme in this blog.


  2. Bades uh Steel shliing!

    That was a common anthem at the Purdue lab. It's hard to capture the 8-bit phonetics in ASCII without looking like Jack London dialog.