Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blog Post of Obfuscation

Anybody else find it strange that the next Bond movie is apparently a sci-fi Castlevania game?


  1. Yeah, I had the same thought. Especially with the director's promise of "more action scenes" than Casino Royale.

    Bondlevania: Quantum of Solace promises more exploration and items than previous installments...

  2. these things never sound good on paper:

    "The official synopsis shows that White reveals to Bond and M that his organisation, Green Planet,[3] has agents in Her Majesty's Government and the Central Intelligence Agency."

    Wow. Green Planet? Really? When they sat down and broke it down, that was the best name they could come up with for the title of an evil organisation?

    If it's anything like casino royale, I'll probably really enjoy the movie, but I'll laugh every time I hear "Green Planet." It's just silly.

  3. could have been worse:

    James Bond and the Order of the Phoenix

    No Country for Old Bond

    There Will Be Bond

    Knocked Up (by Bond)


    also, regarding the evil organization name, where can you go after SPECTRE? That has got to be the all-time champ of evil organization names. SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion? Fuck yeah!

  4. That has to be the biggest stretch since Calvin's G.R.O.S.S. club (Get Rid Of Slimy girlS)

  5. the winner:

    "No Country for Old Bond"


    and I agree with you on SPECTRE. Damn, the 60's! Just...damn.

  6. It's actually also the title of one of Ian Fleming's short stories, published under the "For Your Eyes Only" compilation. Don't be too critical yet.