Sunday, October 28, 2007


Everything is funnier with seventies-style music.

There's a single synapse in my head which insists there's some pac-man glitch that allows for the kind of switcheroo the protagonist in this video pulls in the alley. That synapse, I fear, is wrong.


  1. Actually Alex, I don't know if it is a glitch, but as the level progress in Pac-Man you do occasionally pass through the ghosts without getting killed. (God Bless Youtube!
    It happens at about 3:40!

  2. "i don't know how those ghosts died, but I'm pretty sure pacman had something to do with it." -jimmy deluca

  3. Yeah, I don't remember the specifics of when it works, but there are several Pac-Man patterns that let you pass through the ghosts.

    I'm enough of an arcade snob to know that they are called "monsters", not "ghosts", but my inner child trumps that. They're ghosts.

    Someday I'll get Baby Pac-Man working again. =(...