Sunday, January 8, 2006

Control freak

Having 3 systems hooked up to the TV at any given time (and two others at the ready) makes for one big ugly pile of controllers* in the converted entertainment center that holds the lot. When arranged neatly, the appearance is somewhere between sleeping scarabs and a tightly-packed hangar of alien spaceships -- either metaphor lending the image of small, highly active things caught in a moment of rest. I'd like to free that space for yet another system, but what to do with the birds nest?

The best I can come up with as of yet is some kind of trundle-board which would stay under the couch. Pull out the drawer and choose your weapon. Ideally it would have the gray egg-foam stuff spies and assassins line their briefcases with.

*4 N64, 2 Atari, 4 PS2, 3 Xbox. Pristine Atari paddles and horribly scarred NES controllers in the basement, waiting to be recalled into active duty. I gave my lightgun away, idiot that I am.


  1. someone needs to create the controller switch, which would feature multiple system-type controller connectors on the back, and several universal controllers on the front. You could then map a controller on the back to a controller on the front...Of course, many would probably consider the universal controller a disadvantage, but if it featured all the basics (dual analogue, direction pad, several buttons and triggers) it would be fine with me.

  2. And have it be internet update-able, like the Logitech Harmony remote.

  3. And make it made of candy!!! Weeeeeeeee!!!!!

  4. i do believe i have a lightgun, and i'm a pretty decent shot.