Monday, November 15, 2004

Just call me Nav.

Greg said we could talk about videogames here. It's on.

I just learned Final Fantasy X-2 has blitzball. Why didn't anybody tell me? Everyone knows I'm the biggest blitzer on the Eastern seaboard. Is it that the game sucks? I mean, that's what I would have to assume. I played a demo of it a while back, and the whole Barbie aspect didn't sit well with me. Gun Barbie. Sword Barbie. Scarf Barbie. No thanks.

I guess the new blitzball doesn't allow you to actually control the players, only act as owner and manager of the team. Screw that. I mean, drafting was one of the cool parts about the FFX version, but come on. I want to be in on the action.

I seem to remember something about a Hydroball mod for JK2. I'll keep you posted.

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